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Sylvain Couesmes

Sylvain Couesmes

Graphic designer / Founder

Founder of Studio 389, he graduated in graphic arts at the University of Rennes II, France. Sylvain was born and lived most of his life in France, Brittany. That’s where he started his career and learnt everything. He worked in agencies such as "Plan.Net" in Rennes/Paris or as "Images Web Design" in La Baule. Today he is based in Barcelona where he works as a freelance graphic designer at Studio 389, since 2015 - the year the studio was launched. He has almost 15 years of experience in graphic design, musical production, filming and video editing.

He loves photography and he’s a great fan of music in general. He loves to create new sounds and be inspired by World music, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae and Electronics. He is also a music producer for Sofree, Odiwan Freenobi and for the talented trumpeter Yelfris Valdés.

Yasmeen Quintana

Yasmeen Quintana

Community manager - Admin - Sales Rep

Assistant and Community Manager at Studio 389, graduated in Marketing- Management at the Idrac School in Montpellier in 2009. She was born in Málaga, but grew up in France many years. She is in charge of development and management on social media, admin and she takes also care of the customer relationship. She has lived in Barcelona since 2011 where she has been able to develop her artistic and musical side. She embarks on a career as a solo singer in several projects in the Condal city such as Sofree, Soulseando, Just for Funk, etc.

Belle Simpson

Belle Simpson


From London to Australia, my journey as a photographer was sparked by my mother's passion for the lens. Watching her work with her camera, I became entranced by the idea of preserving moments and feelings in a single frame.

I began with a point-and-shoot camera, capturing landscapes, everyday moments, and the people around me. Authenticity is my mantra; I don't rely on flashy lights. I aim to reveal the real you in every shot.

A seasoned traveler, I've documented my adventures across Latin America, from Morocco's bazaars to Sri Lanka's plantations. My tool of choice? A digital or film camera, embracing the timeless charm of analog.

Now, I call Barcelona home, a photographer's dream city. My background is portrait and lifestyle photography, but I have a wealth of experience in both studio and product photography too.

My mission is simple: freeze life's authentic moments, one click at a time.

Louis Raveton

Louis Raveton

Composer - Music producer

Louis Raveton is a French music composer who is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He specializes in creating orchestral arrangements that incorporate electronica, beat-making techniques, and intricate sound design, which result in impactful and memorable music narratives.

With a diverse portfolio, Louis has composed original music for a multitude of mediums, including film, theater, corporate videos, and immersive experiences. His artistic vision has caught the attention of prominent entities such as BNP Paribas, Accenture, and the International Fencing Federation, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after composer.

Louis's work has also been showcased in renowned venues such as the Grand Palais de Paris, Metal 57, Festival d'Avignon and Biennale of Venise 2023. Beyond his solo endeavors, Louis has collaborated with recording artists from diverse music horizons, including folk, latin pop, reggae, electronica, and hip-hop.

Louis' self-produced projects, including Monsieur Shwill and Flagada, have collectively amassed over 120,000 streams, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences globally. His steadily growing fan base across Spotify, and social media platforms, attests to the resonance of his unique cinematic sound.

In the Mirror Films

In the Mirror Films

Video director

In The Mirror Films is an independent and black owned filmmaking studio.

We are passionate about sharing character-driven stories focusing on the conscious, ethical, and humane aspects.

We don't make videos, we tell stories that matter!

We tell stories through the production of documentaries, independent films, and digital content.

We specialize in projects focused on education, sustainability, social responsibility, and the promotion of social and gender equality.

Mauro Frano

Mauro Frano

Graphic designer - 3D Specialist

Image and sound designer, graduated from the University of Design and Architecture of Buenos Aires (1994-1998).

He began working as an editor but after a digital post-production course he became interested in composition, animation, special effects production and 3D.

For 4 years he was in the agency of one of the most important channels in Argentina, in charge of composing and designing both program graphics and air branding. After moving to Barcelona he worked in two iconic programs in Catalonia such as APM (TV3) and Buenafuente (Cuatro). He worked for 6 years in the television and cinematographic field.

He will subsequently take advantage of the boom in the development of digital audiovisual and the expansion of this market to focus on the industry of advertising, installations, video mapping, web videos, known today as “motion graphics”.

He has worked for brands such as Coca Cola, Danone, Samsung, TVE, Toyota, Seat, Macallan, architect Zaha Hadid, NASA, etc.

He is currently a freelancer in Barcelona since 2013.

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